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    Supply Chain Operator

    Xiamen C&D Inc. Stock code: 600153

    Social Responsibility

    We uphold business purposes of "providing professional service for our clients, maximizing the return on the shareholder's investment, creating bigger development opportunities for the employees and bringing about public values for the society", and undertake our social responsibility for our employees, clients, partners, society and other related stakeholders. We strive to realize the company's development which is harmonious with that of the clients, shareholders, employees and the society, allowing more people to enjoy higher quality lives.

    Responsibility for Shareholders

    ——Our business performance continues to grow and assets of our shareholders continue to gain more value.

    Up to the end of 2020, the total assets of our company reached 387.157 billion yuan, with a net assets of 86.058 billion yuan. In 2020, we gained a business income of 432.949 billion yuan, with a net profit of 8.182 billion yuan.

    ——Continuously to return our shareholders with cash dividend.

    Our company has realized maintenance and appreciation of values of our assets through excellent business performance, thus we can return our shareholders with the profit allocation method of cash dividend for many consecutive years, and safeguard legal rights and interests of our shareholders. Up to the day when this report was released, the cash dividend of our company has reached near RMB 10.666 billion yuan.

    ——To maintain relationship with investors.

    C&D Inc. prioritizes maintaining the interests of all shareholders and regards company governance as a long-term systematic project which needs to be improved in our daily operation. Our company is in strict accordance with supervision requirements to fulfill the responsibility to disclose information and to keep investors promptly informed of and make them understand the operating states, financial situation and other major events, so as to safeguard their right to know and enable them to have a better understanding and identification about the company.

    Responsibility for Clients

    ——To continuously improve the capacity to serve our clients and achieve harmonious mutual benefit.

    As a supply chain operator, our company has years of working experience, a sound business network, advanced logistic facilities and an excellent reputation. Our company values its own supply chain integration construction and its capacity to serve our clients. Upholding the trade principle of credibility, integrity and mutual benefit, our company has maintained a good cooperation with our clients and safeguarded their rights and interests.

    Main clients of our company's real estate development are the ultimate consumers. In order to establish a harmonious relationship with our clients, our product plan and design fully embody sustainable development and people-oriented concept. We strive to provide quality residential property for our clients and focus on greening, after-sales services, property management and social community building, so as to offer proprietors with meticulous and considerable services and to build a harmonious and comfortable social community to live.

    Responsibility for Our Employees

    ——To care for our employees, prioritize talent cultivation and create vast development opportunities for the employees.

    Our company regards talent strategies as the key of its development. It prioritizes talent cultivation and career growth, fully safeguards the legal rights and interests of employees and brings employee's role in company business and management into full play. Thus we are able to realize common growth of employees and the enterprise, deliver development benefits to all of our employees and establish a harmonious and stable labour-management relations.

    Responsibility for the Society

    ——To pay tax with credibility and contribute to the society.

    As a big taxpayer in Fujian, we have paid tax with credibility and contributed to the society for a very long time. Our company has been selected as one of Fujian Province's Top 100 Commercial Tax Payers for many consecutive years. In 2020, it paid taxes with an amount of 22.261 billion yuan (Customs duties included), making rather big contributions to national and local financial revenue and promoting the development of social economy.

    ——To participate actively in social welfare.

    In 2020, the donation amount of C&D Inc. and its subsidiaries reached 1.45 million yuan.
    Ever since the establishment of C&D Real Estate Charitable Foundation in 2007, it has raised 63.6049 million yuan, making it the largest charitable fund set up by Xiamen Charity Federation for many years. It has funded near 4,400 poor students and 1,900 poor households. C&D Real Estate has been awarded "Xiamen Enthusiastic Charity Units" for 8 consecutive years, one of "Eight Fujian Charity Stars" in 2013 and has won "Units with Outstanding Contributions to China's Charity" awarded by China Charity Federation twice in 2009 and 2014.

    There are warm-hearted volunteers promoting public welfare in C&D Inc. volunteer service team. They provide warm services for athelets of C&D International Marathon Competition. They roll up sleeves to donate their blood without asking for return, clean rubbish on the beach, and use hoes to plant trees to beautify the environment. They also care about children by donating books, money and clothes, funding poor student and comforting wounded hearts with their kindness and help.

    Some of our employees also joined Xiamen "City Volunteers Association" and participated in many city volunteer activities such as "Grateful for Life and Love in Siming","volunteer services for the convenience of citizens in Jinbang Park", "Strategic Plan of Promoting Beautiful Xiamen", "Lecture on Blood Donation in Blood Center", "Environmental Protection Walk in Beautiful Xiamen" and "Volunteer Activities of Environmental Protection on Huandao Road", so as to deliver care and love to the society.
    Social community and neighborhood are the foundation of a harmonious society. In ten actions of "Beautiful Xiamen" Strategic Plan, the action of creating a harmonious neighborhood is an important unit. The activity of "creating a beautiful social community and a quality life" by Untied Development Co., Ltd. was a profound practice of the action. Highly valuing the importance of social community culture and life of proprietors, United Development Co., Ltd. has committed itself to creating social community culture and supporting proprietors' activities. Every year, it will launch more than ten activities, including sending flowers on Mother's day, parent-child visiting a park, moon-festival game and photographic activities. It will even give money to support these activities.
    As an exclusive sponsor of Cross Strait (Jimei) Dragon Boat Culture Festival for consecutive 14 years, Untied Development Co., Ltd has supported to build the event with brand influence across the strait by real actions. It implemented the concept of public welfare through brand promise as usual and integrated traditional culture into the new era to burst out new vitality through innovation and upgrades. Cross-strait dragon boat competition is an important platform to promote the spirit of Tan Kah-kee and inherit Chinese culture. Serving as a firm driver, United Development Co., Ltd. has witnessed the competition upgrading from a local event to a national event and later becoming a grand meeting across strait. In the 14 years of perseverance, United Development Co., has implemented the profound brand promise of "Inheriting culture with responsibility and pass on happiness through loving heart" by real actions.
    —— Continuously to provide job opportunities.

    With the expansion of the company, C&D Inc. hires graduates of colleges and universities as well as social workers. While our company expands business in other areas, it also makes full use of the local human resources advantages and helps improve local employment and the development of its supplying industry, so as to benefit the society. Up to the end of 2020, our company has a total number of employees of 20,895. The year 2020 witnessed the growth of 2,355 in number of employees in the headquarters and main subsidiaries, creating more job opportunities for the public. Our company will increase more job opportunities in the course of its development, so as to make contribution to build a harmonious society.

    Responsibility for the Environment

    —— To actively participate in environmental protection, energy saving, emission reduction and green public welfare and to promote sustainable development.

    Our company has acknowledged the importance of energy saving to its development and the sustainable development of the society. It also takes initiative to undertake responsibility of environmental protection by regarding energy saving as an important approach of its cost control.

    Our company promotes green life and green architecture, striving to be a leading enterprise in green real estate. C&D Real Estate carries out demonstration projects of energy saving and technology innovation in architecture and vigorously develops green architecture. Our company champions low carbon life style, establishes low carbon social community and implements green concept of adjusting measures to local conditions and different people in all the parts of planning, designing, constructing and service.

    Prospect——allow more people to enjoy higher quality lives.

    In the future, our company will continue to fulfill the social responsibility of an enterprise citizen, combine business development and that of the society and establish enterprise social responsibility management system to allow more people to enjoy higher quality lives.

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