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Key features

Vivapitch lets you view, share, save, annotate and engage with conference presentations on your mobile device, in real time. 

It helps to get the most out of any presentation whether it's a keynote speech, pitch, lecture or business review. 

Real time
Interact with presentations, on your mobile device, in real-time

The notes on your mobile have context as they're directly on the slides

Share and discuss the presentation with your network

Early adopters:

"Can't live without it"
After one use, you'll wonder how you put up with presentations without Vivapitch

Patricia M

"Screw print-outs!"
Next person to give me slide print-outs gets told to download Vivapitch!

Joe H

Sam Haseltine Founder
Vivapitch is a project by me, Sam. Find me at @srhas

For Powerpoint

Do you regularly present using Powerpoint? Download the Powerpoint application to let your audience interact with your presentation in a brand new, valuable way. 

For Android

Interact and engage with presentations in a way that adds context, relevancy and substance. Use the app to save, share, annotate and extract extra value from plain old slides. 

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